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1.  Repair for your Safety!

  • Windshields play a vital roll in the vehicles crash protection
  • Windshields are made to be a retainer for air bag deployment (jeopardizing the factory seal could mean your airbags push the windshield out of the frame, rendering your airbag useless).
  • Windshields are engineered to help prevent the cab from crushing in the event of a rollover.
  • Windshields are engineered to keep occupants in the car and flying objects out of the car.

2.  Advantages of Repairing over Replacing

  • Restores 100% of the structural integrity by permanently bonding the damage and preventing the damage from spreading.
  • Does not compromise the original factory seal and does not subject you to replacement risks and chronic problems such as wind and water leaks.
  • Dramatically restores the optical clarity to the damaged area.
  • Is environmentally friendly since most windshields are not recycled.
  • Repair is a fraction of the cost of a full replacement and if you have comprehensive insurance, in most cases, your insurance provider will waive your deductible and pay for the repair in full!  Not costing you any out of pocket expense.

Any damage to your windshield can jeopardize the windshield's purpose of protecting it's passengers.  Please don't hesitate to have your windshield repaired today!  The sooner the repair is completed the better the repair will look and your safety will be restored!

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